software prototyping

Create clickable prototypes without coding

If you need a prototype that feels like the real application and is much more than a simple wireframe GenericFrame is the tool for you. You can create detailed prototype that represents even the small details in requirements and process exceptions. No development skills needed.

Extend prototypes via source code to make them feel real

Sometimes clickable prototypes are not sufficient. Parts of the software are too complex or hard to be explained based on static screens. In this case a simulation of the real software is needed. This simulation does not have to fulfill requirements like security, scalability and functionality and it is built quickly. With GenericFrame even a novice developer can create simple scripts and turn the prototype in a real software simulation.

The prototype grows into the application

With GenericFrame you can go even further. Reuse 100% of your work by turning the prototype into a real application. GenericFrame can be integrated with any web technology (.NET, Java, PHP, any HTTP-based) and the prototype magically turns into a real application. You can still manipulate the user interface and the navigation flow using the visual editor. The backend is loosely coupled so changes do not directly affect the backend connection.

  • Quickly create interactive clickable prototypes
  • Use GenericFrame prototypes to visualize and share your ideas and engage clients from day one
  • No more misunderstandings or failed expectations
  • Build detailed clickable prototypes without any coding and verify the requirements
  • Test and train your target users
  • Extend technical documents with prototypes and increase users awareness
  • Make your prototypes dynamic
  • Integrate GenericFrame with any common web-technology (Java, .NET, PHP)
  • Simulate real application and verify requirements for more complex processes based on real data and logic